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You have just used an online travel aggregator site to plan your summer vacation. The day of your trip arrives, you’re exhausted before you even set foot on the beach. Getting to the airport, boarding the first of two flights, making a connecting flight, and picking up luggage all wear you out. Your goal is the beach, but to get to it you’ll spend considerable time on tactical, non-value add, operational logistics.

Relax. You’re a smart traveler – Your TSA Clear approval saves you that long queue at the security checkpoint. Your Platinum travel partner membership gives you priority check-in for your flight and hotel. These tools shorten the time to get to the beach while allowing flexibility in planning your schedule. Wish you could have something similar, to manage your IT operations? Stick with me.

Where ITOps Teams Lose Time

As an IT manager, you’re expected to make sure your company is providing an outstanding digital experience that’ll drive revenue and growth. That’s the end goal. But to get there you’ll have to support your DevOps team through not just the development process but the ongoing application lifecycle. Multiple tasks to get to your goal, like getting to the beach, likely wear down your team, from deploying infrastructure, figuring out how to deploy and manage containers for cloud-native apps, and making your best estimate at provisioning resources in the public cloud. Task switching between tools and learning Kubernetes takes away valuable time and slows down service delivery. A missed flight connection is like a missed task, and something you want to avoid.

Simplify deployment and delivery, anywhere

Inforgraphic bridging ITops and DevOps
Intersight bridges the gap between ITOps and DevOps

Cisco Intersight can help you move faster and more reliably, bridging the divide between dev teams and LoB with operations, and changing the perception of IT from a “necessary cost center” to an innovation driver. From one dashboard, you can:

  • Add resources to your virtualized datacenter.
  • Set up a new off-the-shelf application for your users.
  • Stand up a Kubernetes cluster at the edge in just a few clicks.
  • Provide multi-cloud resources for your developers to deploy code.
  • And more

Managing and deploying all physical and virtual infrastructure and supporting any workload type (VMs, K8s in VMs, bare metal K8s, serverless) in one place saves your teams from switching tools. The user-friendly automation of Intersight with API-based integration gives your internal customers flexibility to use the resources the way they want.

Integrate with DevOps to accelerate application delivery

Infographic of 3rdParty cloud providers
Intersight integrates with cloud providers and supports an ecosystem of 3rd party tooling

Intersight brings together the tools your IT Operations knows and integrates with tools your dev teams are using. As an open, cloud-neutral platform it integrates with cloud providers and supports an ecosystem of third-party tooling, so your internal customers can continue using the platforms and software of their choice—without disruption.

The result? Your team can move faster and expose with IaC plans that your developers are used to working with or orchestrating across every infrastructure and workload aspect of your Intersight-managed environment while managing risk and governance. And with open API support, you can extend and integrate with ITSM tools or 3rd-party endpoints for more control.

Accelerate service delivery and flexibility with Cisco Intersight

You know how to minimize the headaches that stand between you and the beach. Now you can apply smarter ways of working to deploy and support business critical applications. Get out of the business of managing management products and focus on accelerating delivery for line-of-business.

Stay tuned in to our latest demos to learn more about how Cisco Intersight can take your IT operations to the next level.

The beach is calling, get out of the airport, now!



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