Welcome to Cisco Live Cancun 2017! If this is your first time at Cisco Live; fasten your seat belt and be prepared for an information overload. You’ll be able to meet with friends and peers, have fun, and learn from some of the brightest minds in the IT industry.

You may be having a hard time scheduling your sessions since there are so many but, I’d recommend that you dedicate some time to attend the Cloud Day on Monday 6th if you are a customer,  or on Tuesday 7th if you are a partner. Here are my top 3 reasons why you should attend:

1. According to an IDC study, more than 84% of organizations worldwide will use multiple clouds

You may have been involved in conversations about IT requests around application agility and fast deployments, IT infrastructure readiness to innovate by supporting new software developments and, perhaps (for sure), security concerns. You are not alone; register and meet with peers that have the same challenges.

2.  You might be adding cloud services, managing multicloud environments or evolving your infrastructure to support cloud

The IT landscape has gotten more complex and your infrastructure may be evolving with a new private cloud or deploying container infrastructures. You might be adding new cloud services such as marketing automation or any SaaS offering. On the other hand, you might be looking for visibility into infrastructure and app performance. If you identify your cloud journey into one or the three uses cases mentioned above, you need to attend the Cloud Day.

3.  Elevate Expectations for a Multicloud World

Cloud can mean many things and it goes beyond pure cost reduction. What’s true though is that it’s not only one cloud but a multicloud world we are living in. According to IDC, organizations with an optimized cloud strategy achieve significant business benefits such as 77% in cost reduction, 87% in time to provision IT services and an 11% in revenue growth to mention a few. Learn how your organization performs at the Cloud Day.

It doesn’t matter if you are a heavy user of public clouds or just starting to realize the potential that cloud may bring to your organization. You’ll learn how to address the multicloud challenges with the right network, analytics, management and security intelligence.

Register here and elevate your expectations for a multicloud world.


Sergio Licea

Marketing Manager

Cloud Solutions, Americas