This week we are excited to announce our next release of Mantl that introduces Kubernetes integration with Consul which enables Kubernetes services to automatically get registered in Consul and all the enhanced  networking and security capabilities of Mantl are fully integrated to Kubernetes. The architecture of Mantl’s integrated stack is shown below.


Mantl has become a great container ecosystems and is by far the easiest to get started with cloud native development and installation, designed with DevOps in mind:

  • Runs on any Cloud: No vendor lock-in. Mantl runs equally well on any provider, saving you time and energy.
  • Flexible: A diverse set of technologies and tools allows you to pick the ones that fit your needs.
  • Fully Integrated Data Platform: Integrated tools like Cassandra, Spark & Hadoop make Mantl great for Big Data.
  • Integrated Cloud Services: Service discovery, secret storage, load balancing, logging and more available right out-of-the-box
  • Networking Containers: Run your services efficiently with multi-data center configuration and virtual networking tools.
  • Easy Provisioning: Deploy and manage infrastructure with ease using integrated tools like Terraform & Ansible.

In working with several customers over the past 6 months, we are concentrating on solving business goals:

  • Code Portability: Infrastructure that allows code and apps to be deployed pretty much anywhere. No lock-in to deployment APIs/Services.
  • High Availability: Built-in services support 100% uptime for all your systems and applications. Service affinity and anti-affinity built in.
  • Curated Experience: All components are validated in advance to save you time and reduce project risk
  • Built-In Security: Keep your network secure without having to worry about tricky configuration.

We are looking forward to continuing to grow the open source community and invite you to join with us in this cloud native journey.

In Mantl version 1.2, we have addressed the following bugs:

  • Mesos log rotation has been improved.
  • AWS and GCE providers are more configurable and consistent.
  • The ELK addon has been split into individual roles. You can now choose to install each component separately or all at once.
  • Calico has been upgraded and has better support for Mesos and Kubernetes.
  • Our Vault configuration has been made more secure.
  • The Kafka addon is now more easily configured and can create topics at install time.

Mantl 1.2 includes many more improvements and fixes. Check the changelog for more details.


Kenneth Owens

Chief Technical Officer, Cloud Infrastructure Services