Cisco’s New Intersight Cloud Orchestration (ICO) Service Is Up and Running!

Earlier this month, we introduced Intersight Cloud Orchestrator (ICO) — Intersight’s brand new automation service. In that blog, we covered the importance of orchestration and talked about how Intersight has become the world’s simplest hybrid cloud platform. This blog will tell you more about ICO and what it can do for you. The next post will dive deeper into how ICO works, providing more specific details, and subsequent blogs in the series will discuss specific features, functions, and new capabilities.

Happy Customer—Happy Life

There is a famous quote that says, “a man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.” That may be true, but you can orchestrate your infrastructure without turning your back on the cloud.

How you conduct your orchestra directly impacts your audience. Similarly, when your infrastructure and workloads run smoothly—when your “orchestra” performs harmoniously—end-users reap the rewards.

Automation Is Key

The speed required to meet continually changing business demands and requirements keeps increasing in our current always-on, hyperconnected digitized world. As does the complexity across different environments and types of infrastructure, and all this creates problems beyond human capacity. The key to acquiring and maintaining the requisite speed and efficiency is automation. Without it, you cannot possibly deliver scalable applications on an elastic infrastructure without incurring failure and delays.

A Flexible Tool for a Hybrid Cloud Environment

As organizations increasingly leverage best-of-breed services and platforms, modern applications cannot be static. They must span on-prem and public cloud environments that aren’t confined to a single “stack.” To adapt to this complex chimerical landscape, you need management and orchestration tools specifically designed for an integrated environment.

What Will Intersight Cloud Orchestrator Do for You?

ICO was built from the ground up as a cloud-delivered hybrid service. Its next generation automation engine will vastly reduce the time it takes to perform tedious, complex, and repetitive infrastructure provisioning tasks. A big focus for us when designing this solution was to ensure that IT Ops teams and admins could easily design and run automation workflows without being coding experts. With ICO, your unique requirements will be addressed by “dragging and dropping” prebuilt tasks and workflows from ICO’s ever-expanding library. You will always have full control of the infrastructure you automate — this includes who has access and how they use it.

Less Risk Means More Sleep

Designed for the multi-domain hybrid environment, with its intuitive and elegant approach, ICO simplifies the process of provisioning your infrastructure—from individual components, workloads, and services to entire systems. It allows you to save time with preprogrammed modules; it helps you standardize your provisioning processes; and the repeatable automated workflow can easily be customized — anything not already built-in can be added. This reduces the risk of human error, which means less chance of something going wrong, such as bugs, deployment delays, or, more importantly, service outages.

ICO will continue to mature with new capabilities to address our evolving customer cross-cloud and cross-domain requirements. When you try out ICO, you will see just how different it is!

Stay tuned for more ICO blogs! Be sure to check out my next blog in this ICO series: Building the Bridge to Possible, Block by Block.

But in the meantime, if you have any comments or questions, please use the comment section below and I’ll be sure to address them. Until next time, wishing you safety and success in your automated journey to hybrid heaven.


Resources to get started:

Intersight Cloud Orchestrator comes with Intersight Premier license. Take advantage of our 90-day free trial to orchestrate the clouds with ICO. Find out for yourself why we’re so excited about it.

Everything Cisco Intersight.


Peak under the hood:

ICO’s Workflow Designer

ICO’s Task Designer


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Khaled Rawashdeh

Product Manager

Data Center/Cloud