Khaled Rawashdeh

Product Manager

Data Center/Cloud

Seasoned Product Management professional with a proven track record for successfully leading business and product teams to create, define, develop and launch innovative software and system products as well as execute business strategy. Leader of several highly visible products from leading companies Cisco, EMC, VCE, Netapp and SanDisk. Deep knowledge and experience in: • Data center and cloud technologies (private, hypered and public clouds) • Hybrid cloud management software • Enterprise applications (tradition and cloud applications) • Converged and Hyper Converged Virtualized Data Center Infrastructure • End to end product management • Software and system development life cycle


June 17, 2021


Building the Bridge to Possible, Block by Block

4 min read

Intersight Cloud Orchestrator (ICO) is the latest addition to the Intersight toolkit. It supplies the building blocks you need to design and orchestrate your infrastructure, exactly how you want it—using a user-friendly drag and drop approach. Comparing it to Lego, Khaled delivers the full monty on ICO.

May 24, 2021


Lead the Orchestra Without Turning Your Back on the Cloud

3 min read

Cisco’s new Intersight Cloud Orchestration (ICO) service is hot! This second blog in the ICO series is brought to you by the ICO product manager, who provides an overview of this new addition to the Intersight lineup. ICO is a valuable new component that will turn your orchestration and provisioning nightmares into sweetly automated healthy hybrid dreams.