TechWiseTV Episode 174
Talking Intercloud Fabric on TechWiseTV

In middle school in the late 70s I took a test that was supposed to indicate my future career. The suggested careers were given a probability ranking. The top two results, by far were Entertainer at number 1 and Scientist at number 2, with the difference in probability between them almost imperceptible. Every other career was so less probable they barely registered.

I started college as an engineer (scientist) and shelved the idea of being an entertainer. However during college I had the opportunity to be in a TV commercial that would air on a local cable news channel most likely between the hours of 2:00 and 3:00 AM.

Walking across campus about two months after completing the commercial I realized that some people were pointing at me, and catching my attention waved me over. They told me that they recognized me from a commercial and wanted to know I how got into the “business”. Thinking they were not watching local cable news in the middle of the night, I asked how they saw the commercial. It turns out that the cable company used the commercial as well as others as filler throughout the day where they had not sold the time. My commercial was being seen on MTV and VH1 as well as a bunch of other stations. Time to dust off the entertainer idea and get a SAG card.

Fast forward 22 years; I never did another commercial, but in 2011 my blogging about Cisco UCS earned me a segment on TechWiseTV episode 100. The episode was all UCS and taped at Cisco Live 2011, my segment covered the UCS API and emulator.

Almost four years to the day later my latest appearance on TechWiseTV is available for viewing. This time I’m talking about Hybrid Cloud with Cisco’s Intercloud Fabric.


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Once you’ve watched the episode I know you’ll want the deeper dive, fortunately there is a TechWiseTV Intercloud Fabric workshop August 5th.  The Workshop is a exploration of Intercloud Fabric beyond what was covered in the TechWiseTV episode, titled “Building Hybrid Clouds with Cisco Intercloud Fabric.” Please join me for what promises to be a very informative, interactive and engaging session.

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John McDonough

Developer Advocate