What if you could go for a ride-along with a Cisco Cloud Services rep for a week? Wouldn’t that be the best?! Really—think about it. You’d get to pop in to a bunch of different businesses and hear first-hand what they’re struggling with when it comes to cloud implementation, plus you’d get to hear how the Services team recommends they address those struggles.

It would be a gold mine—first off because you’d be learning which pitfalls are most common (and you’d shrewdly use that info to avoid said pitfalls), but also because you’d then more or less have a blueprint that spelled out how to do cloud right.

Now, to the best of my knowledge Cisco Services is not doing ride-alongs (yet, anyway), but in the absence of that opportunity, we decided to invite a member of that team to the Cloud Unfiltered podcast for a chat. And I’ll tell you—it was quite informative. They really do see what it’s like in the real world of IT, and they have interesting stories to tell. The story-teller in this case was Mr. David Stanford, Senior Manager in the Cloud Product Management Group. A few of the topics he covered with us include:

  • What type of role Cisco Services plays in the collaborative solutions we’ve announced recently
  • What a Quick Start is (in the Cisco Services world)
  • What people are not worried about anymore when it comes to cloud
  • What the most common obstacles are for customers moving to the cloud
  • How Amazon & Google’s on-prem Kubernetes strategies compare to the approach Microsoft has taken with Azure Stack
  • The difference between deploying Kubernetes using Cisco Container Platform and doing it on your own
  • The three ways customers typically engage Cisco Services

You can watch the podcast below, or listen to it on virtually any podcasting app. Here are links to SoundCloud and iTunes to get you started. If you’d care to investigate previous episodes of the podcast, venture over to our archives on cisco.com and take a look at the list of guests and topics we’ve covered in the recent—and not so recent—past. We’re confident you’ll find something that speaks to you.

Reference: Cisco Cloud Professional Services


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager