I’m not an IT leader, but if I were, I have to say that I’d find the whole concept of hybrid cloud exhausting.

Not so much because it’s inherently hard to comprehend, but because the definition of it seems slippery at best—varying greatly over time and by whom you’re talking to. At various points I’ve understood it to mean 1) Any combination of public clouds, 2) Any combination of public and private clouds, 3) The ability to exchange tools and data between one private cloud and one public cloud in a seamless manner.

Call me crazy, but I think this would make it hard to decide if hybrid cloud was something to aspire to, something to avoid, or something that one simply arrived at organically.

With that in mind, I invited Cisco’s Matt Ferguson to come chat with us about the Cisco Hybrid Solution for Kubernetes on AWS. Matt knows a thing or two about clouds of all varieties, and he does a great job of explaining what hybrid means at Cisco, as well as how the right hybrid solution can make life a whole lot easier for developers and operators alike. Among other things, he talked with us about:

  • Where a hybrid solution fits in a multicloud world
  • Why Cisco and Amazon collaborated on this particular solution
  • Which use cases it’s going to be best for
  • How it actually works
  • How it’s supported
  • Where you can go to try it out
  • Firecracker, micro VMs, and the future evolution of Kubernetes

You can watch the interview right here, right now, or you can catch it later on YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, or any of the major podcasting apps. And if you enjoy it, please pop on over to our archive to inspect our vast selection of previous episodes.


Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager