I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a cloud expert by any means: not as a private pilot or marketing professional working in high tech..

But I do know this

Cloud computing can be intimidating – just as real clouds are intimidating to any general aviation pilot looking to fly from point A to point B under visual flight rules (VFR). In aviation it’s simple: avoid them.

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Atlantic Ocean out my window flying over RI – March 2015

For any business or organization – it’s a different story. There is no way around them and embracing cloud can actually be a good thing. Read on..

Streamlining workflows in the cloud

There’s a lot involved in migrating to a cloud platform—considerations such as business needs, cost, downtime, security and much more. It’s not an easy decision. But as you’re keenly aware, business is not always easy.

Yet, it’s no misconception that benefits of moving to the cloud can be plentiful: agility, automation, and scalability are more easily achieved in a virtual environment. Cloud computing facilitates rapid and dynamic evolution to meet the ever changing demands of the business or organization – whether private, public or hybrid.

Which is why I invested some my time into reading the new Cloud edition of Unleashing IT exploring my options.

What I discovered

I discovered that this latest edition is packed with case studies that discuss a variety of cloud services. It also discusses a variety of opinions about cloud: which to pick, how to get there, and who’s already reaping the rewards.

I read the articles that explored how companies big and small can weigh their cloud options and strategically align their business initiatives to them while maintaining control, saving time, and lowering costs.

Before I knew it – time ran out to prepare dinner, so I opted for DaaS (Dinner as a Service).

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Feeling Better Informed (and not so hungry)

Still no expert, but I did feel better informed about cloud options after reading this thing cover-to-cover, especially as it related to Cloud for IT – not so much so when it comes to aviation.

So check it our for yourself, subscribe to UnleashingIT.com and check out the Cloud edition.

As the DaaS box above suggests.. ‘Enjoy & Thank You’


Adrian den Hartog

Senior Marketing Manager

Field Marketing US Commercial