He may or may not have hacked his mom’s cable box when he was a kid, he definitely worked for the Navy as a cryptologist, and he has since worked for NASA, the TSA, and Silent Circle. So Branson Matheson has a lot to say about information security and the desire for online privacy that most businesses and humans are currently so very interested in.

Did I mention that he now works for Cisco?

He does, and we’re really, really glad he’s on our team. Oddly however, his current job description is not security-centric at all. He’s a Cloud Systems Technical Lead, which is why we were eager to have him on our show.

We still asked him security questions (because how could we not?), but he also spoke with us about:

  • The different sides of the net neutrality argument, and who the winners and losers will be if the laws are changed
  • Which orchestration software is good for cattle and which is better for pets
  • Whether or not we’re really automating ourselves out of jobs
  • Successfully facilitating culture change within companies

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Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager