Have you noticed that when cloud people talk about cloud they (we) stick to a fairly narrow range of topics? Containers (for sure), Kubernetes, OpenStack, DevOps, culture change, big data, cloud native, serverless…and maybe a little AI/ML now and then to keep things spicy? Sure, we cover different angles and hear from people with different opinions (let’s face it, the debates about some of these things are fascinating and worth exploring if this is your job), but still—it’s a pretty well-defined menu of topics.

So this week, in an effort to mix things up, we invited a data center switching guy to be on the show. (I know, crazy—right?) Of course he’s not just any data center switching guy—he’s a DC switching guy with a lot of insight and opinions about cloud—but still, we wanted to hear from someone with a different point of view. Someone who might challenge our standard cloud beliefs, or at least make us consider those beliefs in a different light.

If you’d like to hear how this experiment turned out, tune in to this week’s episode and you’ll hear what Carlos Campos Torres had to say about:

  • Why public cloud is being adopted so slowly in Latin America
  • How Cisco Workload Optimization Manager can help reduce your public cloud expenditures
  • Why people struggle to see the value of security solutions
  • What “zero trust” means and the role Cisco Tetration plays in applying that concept
  • The importance of automation and how AI is making it even more powerful
  • Technological disruption as a differentiator in the data center—and in all technologies

Just click on the episode below if you’d like to watch it right now. If you’re the slap-on-some-headphones-and-listen-while-you-do-administrative-work type though, fear not—it’s available on iTunes and SoundCloud too!



And if you’d like to check out past episodes of this podcast, just pop on over to our podcast archive and take a look at what we’ve got. We’ve had some amazing guests over the past several months, and I suspect you’ll find one there that speaks to you.




Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager