One more date, many new learnings from #AWSSummits. This time I’ll talk about AWS Summit in Anaheim. If you read my previous blog you’ll see that Cisco has taken a strong position on addressing the typical challenges that relate to adopting public cloud into your IT environment. These challenges are networking, security, analytics and management and, keep me honest, it is very likely that you’ll face them too.

So, what happened in Anaheim?

I want to focus on the security element of cloud, since there was one specific tweet poll that caught my attention. See below:

awssummit poll 1

Then, I found this infobrief from IDC where more than 6,000 respondents answered the question “What are the barriers to increasing cloud maturity?” as you can see, security is one of the relevant barriers:

awssummit poll 2

From a security perspective I found this other poll from @CiscoCloud:

awssummit poll 3

Some closing thoughts:

  • Security refers to users, data and applications. Everywhere.
  • Organizations are adopting cloud rapidly thus increasing the surface attack.
  • Leverage what’s available. It’s important to get on-premise and AWS log information into actionable real-time intelligence
  • When it comes to various log files and actions by users and assets, security is a shared responsibility.

AWS Summit attendees and online followers agree that security is a main concern and IDC also see it as a barrier for cloud adoption. These are some key uses cases we have found that can be addressed by the “protect” component of Cisco’s Multicloud Portfolio:

  • Secure “direct-to-cloud” users and their devices
  • Protect endpoints including mobile devices
  • Identify threats in user and device behavior
  • Secure SaaS applications and data
  • Protect custom workloads running in the public cloud

AWSSummit Stealthwatch

Stealthwatch Cloud is one of the products of the “protect” component and it is actually available at @AWSMarketplace. If you want to learn more about the solution go here.

Next stop: AWS Summit Toronto; see you there!



Sergio Licea

Marketing Manager

Cloud Solutions, Americas