Moving to cloud has compelling value to organizations of all types and sizes. With benefits such as lower CAPEX, flexible scalability, and global access to enterprise-class IT resources, many businesses are able to increase their agility with public cloud services. As a consequence, they can act upon market opportunities faster and with great efficiency.

The cloud, however, is evolving just as fast as the organizations taking advantage of it are. Traditional public cloud services provide businesses with applications that run outside their data center. New “hybrid” cloud technology actually extends the capacity of data centers without capital investment. With a hybrid cloud you’ll be able to seamlessly access IT resources and other services located in the cloud – even from different service providers – as if they are part of your on-premises data center.

What does this mean for your organization? For Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, moving to hybrid cloud has completely changed how they think about their network. Brent Olson, Director and Chief Architect at Holtzbrinck, says “Our strategic direction is not to buy infrastructure anymore.”

Olson shares more about Holtzbrinck’s hybrid cloud digital transformation in this video. His story begins with a need to expand the production environment for an e-learning platform to be launched in Europe. After teaming with cloud provider iland, Olson discovered that the hybrid cloud had so much more to offer than he realized.

“With Cisco’s Intercloud Fabric and iland as a partner, we were able to give the business units the agility and ability that they needed to spin up their own infrastructure. It’s great that we have more control. We also have choice on where we want to be able to move our workloads. It’s definitely more efficient to use a cloud provider than for us to provision hardware on our own.”

With hybrid cloud, Holtzbrinck can extend its data center across the world. They now have a diverse range of providers, environments and clouds to choose from. And with access to Intercloud Fabric and a broad portfolio of Cisco Powered services, Holtzbrinck has confidence that their hybrid cloud will provide enterprise-class performance, reliability, and security no matter where in the world they are located.

With hybrid cloud, Holtzbrinck has transformed from an old-world publisher into a digital company of the future.


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Xander Uyleman

Senior Manager

Global Partner Marketing