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Yuval Shchory

Sr. Manager, Product Management - Security Policy and Access
Enterprise Networking Business

Yuval Shchory is leading Product Management for Identity Services Engine (ISE) and other products within the Security Policy and Access portfolio. Previously Yuval was leading security technical sales at the Israeli Cisco office, a position he dreamed about even when he was a co-owner and VP of an elite security integration company in Israel, where he led the networking and consultancy practice. He also served as the Chief Information Security Officer of two of the largest ISPs in Israel.

Yuval has more than 20 years of networking and security experience, both from a technical and business perspective. He has represented Cisco in multiple national and international conferences and events, and has received Cisco Live “Distinguished Speaker” multiple times.

When Yuval is not managing his team of Product Managers, he would be found either cooking in the kitchen, where he practices cooking techniques ranging from home cooking to smoking and sous-vide, writing his food blog, riding his mountain bikes or just hanging out with his beautiful wife and two amazing kids.

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