Vikram Gulati

Marketing Manager

Cloud Services Marketing

Vikram has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry with expertise in the areas of Cloud and Enterprise Software.

He was a developer in the early part of his career and then migrated to Product management and Marketing Leadership opportunities after getting his MBA from Duke University.

He is currently leading marketing efforts for Cisco DevNet to increase awareness of Cisco as a software company with customers worldwide.


August 10, 2016


What Do APIs Have to Do with Digitization?

Digitization and APIs Before we get into digitization, let’s discuss disruption. As we all know, Blockbuster was disrupted by… Netflix; and the taxi business is being disrupted by Uber as we speak. If we look deeper, Netflix and Uber essentially streamlined processes through digitization, and hence disrupted their industries. These are two examples of disruption via […]

January 12, 2015


Could Big Data and Cloud go together?

In today’s era of increasing connectivity, data is getting generated in vast proportions.  Moreover, it is also important to be able to generate insights from it quickly and act accordingly.  Gone are the days when one would move data into a data warehouse and then extract insights from it to act at a later date.  […]