Vijay Ramakrishnan

Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Collaboration Technology Group

Vijay Ramakrishnan is a Machine Learning engineer in the Accompany team, where he builds Conversational AI applications for Cisco’s Collaboration products like WebEx Assistant. He also leads the MindMeld AI platform, the open-source toolkit used to develop deep-domain conversational applications. He is also a fellow at the Cisco’s AI/ML Center of Excellence (https://www.cisco-ai.com/).

He is passionate about Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Deep Learning research. I

n his free time, he likes to back country hike along the pacific coastline.


September 7, 2021


Using a Grapheme to Phoneme Model in Cisco’s Webex Assistant

Learn how to build voice assistants that augment Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems by generating pronunciations (phonemes) for words based on their written form (graphemes).