Umesh Lakshman

Senior Engineer Manager, ASP/ Web

Sales - Apple Account team

Cisco veteran- 19 years and counting...

Everyday Goal: Have a positive influence on someone’s life daily!

Passions: Love music, dance, arts and everything that comes with that. Passion for technology and people and helping them grow.

At work: Passionate about diversity and inclusion, leadership and various aspects of leadership, Mentoring and coaching others, and constantly growing with a growth mindset.

Challenge: Always balancing being an good husband, great dad, trusted mentor and fun guy who loves life.

Long-term goal: Be the most interesting man in the world!


October 23, 2019


Here’s How You Can Commit to Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

2 min read

Each of us has a personal responsibility to create the culture we want to see. Here are a few ideas about how to foster inclusion and diversity in the workplace.