Tomer Dichterman

Software Automation Enthusiast

Product Management

I Started working at Cisco (on and off) since 2004 as a software engineer thru an acquisition. During this time, I joined one of Cisco’s internal initiative projects (Insieme Networks), which turned out to be Cisco’s ACI.

On my current role in the competitive insights team, my primary duties include:

 - Exploring the industry’s network software and automation technologies/solutions/architectures,and providing insights to our leaders, in order to help develop relevant competitive software based features for our products.

 - Developing automation frameworks/harnesses to test and analyze various vendors’ automation capabilities.

I live in Santa Cruz California, and what I like to do for fun is wave surfing, playing the drums and the guitar (I play the drums in some local cover bands in my area), skateboarding and working out at the gym.


November 9, 2017


Network Automation – Now!

4 min read

Why software automation support is needed in today’s networks Anyone working in network admin today knows that the network has long since blown passed the days of being managed as...