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Tina Shakour

Social Media Strategy Lead

I was born in Indiana, grew up in O-HI-O, spent a winter in Seattle and have been firmly entrenched in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2000. That may explain a lot of things up front!

I graduated from THE Ohio State University with honors and a degree in Communications in Culture and Society. This pretty much qualified me to be a graduate student or work at the mall. I have always loved computers and was always the geek girl who could fix your computer when it wouldn’t print. After an exciting un-paid internship at the Chamber of Commerce in DC, I realized I should be getting paid for all this “computer stuff”.

Now, several years later, I have experience in sales, marketing, and engineering in the tech industry and Silicon Valley. I love social media marketing and all it can do to help bring a human voice to a technical world.

When I'm away from the computer, you can find me hiking, wine tasting, and exploring the world with my husband and two Shiba Inus. I also volunteer as a mentor and delegate for the program to support women and girls in STEM.

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