Taylor Palmer

Security Product Marketing Specialist

Security Marketing

Taylor is a Security Product Marketing Specialist for Cisco Application-First Security. Her work includes content creation, curation and promotion. Before Cisco, Taylor was a PR Manager for a cloud security company, specializing in go-to-market strategy. Taylor has a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from University of South Carolina.


September 25, 2020


Why Are Applications Difficult to Secure?

2 min read

You keep hearing that applications are difficult to secure - but why? Take a deep dive into the world of application development.

August 6, 2020


What is application-first security?

2 min read

Securing applications is the #1 area to invest for your future. Your applications run your digital business. It is protecting the world’s economy. It is securing our family businesses, schools, corporations, our means of daily activities. So why hadn’t I heard of what is application security before 6 months ago?