Sunakshi Tickoo

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking & Cloud Product Marketing

Sunakshi Tickoo is a well-rounded marketing professional with over 11 years of experience in the product engineering services and technology space. She is currently a Cisco Product Marketing Manager for Enterprise Networks & Cloud. Prior to working in Cisco, she has held several marketing positions for driving high-impact marketing strategies and nurturing brand beliefs. She gravitates towards roles where finding synergies between customer insights and product/technology are at the epicenter of business. She believes technology is making life easier for multitudes & sharing its impacts within the community augments new ways of thinking & breakthrough innovations. She truly enjoys learning by interacting with people from diverse backgrounds as Bill Nye the Science Guy says, – “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” Stay connected with Sunakshi on LinkedIn.


January 16, 2024


A Symphony of Network Success: Simplify, Secure, and Scale with Cisco SD-WAN Enhancements

4 min read

Cisco SD-WAN helps enterprise IT teams and managed service providers (MSPs) simplify operations, enable secure networking, and deliver a superior user experience.

April 19, 2023


Zero Trust, Zero Compromises: Secure Your Network with Cisco SD-WAN

3 min read

Organizations need to secure their users, networks, workloads, and applications in a way that works for their business. Cisco SD-WAN can help achieve that by implementing a Zero Trust model that ensures security across all facets of digital operations.

September 15, 2022


Deploy and manage networks globally with Cisco SD-WAN Multi-Region Fabric

4 min read

The evolving business environment needs a network that can keep up with it. Cisco SD-WAN Multi-Region Fabric brings scalability and operational simplicity to design and deploy global networks for seamless connectivity and greater application performance.

April 1, 2022


Performance, Reliability and Security – with Cisco SD-WAN and Verizon 5G, you can have it all.

2 min read

As hybrid working environments abound, businesses strive to build a future secure networking model. With Verizon and Cisco’s 5G SD-WAN services, organizations can embark on their SASE journey to achieve increased application performance, security and control.