Stephane Ribot

Director, Business Development

Edge Cloud Services

Stephane Ribot is the Business Development Director of Cisco’s Edge Cloud Services. His expertise includes IT transformation initiatives using disruptive technologies in Networking, IoT, AI, Cloud and Mobile which leverages, manipulates, integrates and then builds business value so that the data can be monetized across different business functions. Stephane is leading game-changing Cloud Native - Edge Solutions, driving a fast-paced organization to monetize truly unique solutions including Edge computing solution, Technical Design , Workload management, Orchestration. Prior to joining Cisco, Stephane was a consultant to enterprises and governments around the world. While at CenturyLink, Stephane, as Senior Director, led the IoT and Big Data consulting practice. Leveraging a consultative approach, he helped Fortune 500 organizations realize the benefits of utilizing centralized data architectures and adopt innovative IoT/Big Data and Real Time Analytics solutions. He also led the internal development of Big Data and IoT as a Service platform; leading IoT projects such as connected cars, fleet management, physical security and traffic management. Prior to CenturyLink; Stephane led Industry Solutions Organization at Orange Business Services and helped position Orange as a service-oriented company focused on building new solutions and market entry for Oil/Gas/Mining, Government/Institutions, Financial Services, Transport, and Smart cities. Stephane holds a degree in Mathematics, a MBA and a PhD focusing on Mobile traffic Data Analysis as a predictor of human behaviors. He is fluent in English and French with Multi-National expertise. He is also actively involved in academic research; participating in conferences around the world on Data Management, Cloud Infrastructure and he is a contributor to research projects (Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things) with NIST, Techtalks, and universities.


January 20, 2023


Enabling Metaverse and next generation content the right way

3 min read

The metaverse and applications like remote surgery or drone delivery services are on the horizon but can’t arrive while the network still struggles with common problems like asymmetrical bandwidth speeds, scalability, and variable latency conditions resulting from congestion and transport distance.

January 11, 2023


Gain better control over quality streaming experiences

4 min read

The growth in streamed content from Internet TV, on demand live broadcast events, and content providers is challenging the standard CDN architecture. In this blog we discuss the most common threats to providing great customer experiences and potential solutions.