Siming Yuan

Sr. Technical Leader, Engineering

DevX, Core Software Group

Siming is a technical leader in the DevX team at Cisco System’s Core Software Group. A test automation evangelist, Siming is the architect behind Cisco's pyATS test framework, and has played a pivotal role in pushing Cisco's internal automation testing community forward. Siming is deeply passionate about Software Development, Automation and Technology in general, and offers a strong sense of logic and leadership, bringing teams together and forward through ingenuity and honesty.


May 3, 2021


The pyATS DevNet Journey: Aspirations & Inspirations

6 min read

pyATS has gone from launch to the current 20,000+ downloads/month. Read how making a once internal tool available to the open-source NetDevOps community at large is enabling engineers and empowering solutions.

October 22, 2019


pyATS | Genie APIs Unlock the Power of Cisco DNA Center

5 min read

Tune in to the webinar: "Network Automation with pyATS, Genie and Cisco DNA Center." November 7th.

June 25, 2019


pyATS & Genie – Beneath the Surface

5 min read

pyATS is a powerful and highly-pluggable Python test framework designed to provide maximum flexibility to developers. Genie focuses on building reusable network automation libraries and test cases.

May 28, 2019


pyATS & Genie – Network Engineers Transform!

3 min read

Cisco pyATS & Genie comes with ready-to-use libraries, and step-by-step guides, catering to engineers of all kinds of needs and skill levels.

May 22, 2019


The Anatomy of NetDevOps

3 min read

The key to successful NetDevOps is thorough agility. But to be able to churn fast, we must rely on proper tools... automated tools.

November 29, 2017


Intuitive Test Automation for an Intuitive Network

4 min read

The rise of intent-based, programmable networks has created new and exciting opportunities: ones that require new tools, new developer skills, and sometimes, new ways of thinking. So what do you...