Sharoakh H. Charna

FSI Lead for Asia-Pacific, Japan and China

Digital Transformation Office

Sharoakh H. Charna is the FSI Lead for Asia-Pacific, Japan and China in the Digital Transformation office at CISCO. He has over 21 years of global experience having worked extensively in different sales and development leadership roles in different geographies, with a proven track record to grow business and teams. Sharoakh has worked with large banks and financial institutions, both global and regional – helping them challenge the status quo and develop best in class solutions that drive better customer experience for their customers and differentiate them profitably. Based in Singapore, Sharoakh spends his free time with family, sports, traveling and is an avid foodie. You can also follow Sharoakh on the APJC Newsroom site.


July 29, 2021


Full Stack Observability Driving Customer Experience in a Multi-Cloud Environment

4 min read

Enable the Infrastructure and Application Operators in your financial services enterprise to work closely together, break down the silos, and enable the closed loop operating model that is paramount in today’s heterogenous environment.

December 21, 2020


Enabling Innovation in Customer Experience while Optimizing the Multi-Cloud: Part Two

4 min read

Analyze the impact of a multi-cloud environment and how it affects customer experience in part two of our blog series.