Sam O’Daniel

Independent Consultant

The Startup IT Guy

Sam has transformed IT at a variety of companies large and small, where his primary focus is simplification of processes, systems, and infrastructure. After receiving a BA in English/Creative Writing at San Diego State University, Sam worked at a Mac-only chain in the San Francisco Bay area before moving on to software sales at Dantz Development, a backup software company. Sam was transferred within the company to webmaster assistant, where his interest in technological infrastructure grew. After moving back to Colorado in 2002, Sam focused on internal IT and sought to elevate his managerial and strategic planning skills, enrolling in 2007 at the University of Denver, where he completed his Masters in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Information Systems. While IT Manager at SendGrid, he and his team helped the company scale from 90 to 250 employees. Sam is now an independent consultant helping with IT strategy and support of startups & small businesses as The Startup IT Guy (http://www.startupitguy.com)


October 27, 2014


Summary: The First 4 Steps to Simplify Your Small Business Information Technology

1 min read

Sam O’Daniel (better known as the Startup IT Guy) has put together a short list of steps to take when starting or just simplifying your business information technology.  If the next couple of months are your slow season, you can get these steps in motion to have a better handle on IT in the new […]

February 11, 2014


Discovering and Managing your Office Personalities

2 min read

One of the fascinating aspects of being an IT manager of a distributed company is discovering the office personalities. Not people personalities like “the office joker”, but how each office itself has a personality of its own. The challenge of managing technology in these environments is learning the idiosyncrasies of each location and then guiding […]