Ross Gibb

Reverse Engineer, AMP Threat Grid


Ross Gibb is a member of the Research & Efficacy Team at Cisco Systems that assists in increasing the efficacy of the AMP for Endpoints and AMP Threat Grid product lines through a number of development efforts.

Ross previously held positions at Symantec and IBM doing malware research and other security related duties.


April 5, 2018


IcedID Banking Trojan Teams up with Ursnif/Dreambot for Distribution

1 min read

This post was authored by Ross Gibb, with research contributions from Daphne Galme of Cisco, and Michael Gorelik of Morphisec, a Cisco Security Technical Alliance partner.  In November 2017...

October 19, 2016


Malicious Microsoft Office Documents Move Beyond InkPicture

3 min read

In late August we began to detect malicious Microsoft Word documents that contained VisualBasic (VB) macro code and the code appeared to be triggering when the document was opened. However, the documents did not contain any of the standard events used to launch VB macro code when a document is opened, including Document_Open, or Auto_Open events. Upon […]