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Over 20 Years Designing, Building, Managing, Mid-Market and Enterprise Networks and Services. With an approach that emphasizes sustainability and planning, you'll find working with us to be collaborative and easy. ROCTEL is an award-winning MSP established in 2000. Now, in our twentieth year, our mission is to provide best-in-class Cloud, Collaboration, Security, and Broadband Services to businesses. As a Cisco partner for many years, ROCTEL specialises in providing the Managed Services Infrastructure to suit all your business requirements and empower your remote work force with best-in-class Work From Home services. Carrier independent, we aggregate the best connectivity for a given location or City with best-in-class SDWAN-based services, all delivered via subscription OpEx and underpinned by Cisco Systems Technology. Focused on building our business in Ireland and the UK while servicing the local and international markets, we have commercial offices in Dublin and London, with our 24x7 Data Center, ROCSOLID NMC and SOC in Dublin.


February 11, 2021


ROCTEL Helps ifac Decrease the Digital Divide in Ireland

3 min read

For millions of people around the world, unreliable—or completely unavailable—internet service is their reality. ROCTEL and Cisco have partnered together to help ifac decrease the digital divide and provide valuable services for farmers across rural Ireland.