Roz Rosalina Reynolds-Bomer


People & Communities - Social Justice

I am an "Original Peach" being born and raised in Augusta, GA. My father was a Civil Rights activist and my parents always pushed me to be the best at whatever I decided to do. This included paying out of pocket & sending me off to college which at the time I did not see any value and decided to drop out. Over the next years of my career journey, whilst pretty much being successful, the opportunities for advancement were difficult due to mostly lacking a degree, alongst with being a black woman. I have 20 years of recruiting and landed my first tech recruiter position with Cisco/DUO security via the OneTen program in 2021 during the pandemic. This has been the best journey ever! The inclusion is real! It is so meaningful when you have a career that has a purpose and a company that empowers you with learning and growing. My husband spent a lot of time growing up in Acapulco, Mexico and Chicago, IL so we enjoy learning about different cultures which includes languages and of course, FOOD! I also have a packed life because not only do I spend time with my own children, I spend time with my grandchildren. I also do podcasts on mental health along with volunteering with a variety of non for profits.


July 5, 2022


The Right Words at the Right Time

2 min read

Roz B. shares how she made a career change through a truly unique interview and how she feels empowered by strong leadership and opportunities through Cisco and OneTen.