Robin Olds

Business Development Manager

Service Provider - Americas

Robin Olds is a Business Development Manager for Broadband Program Office in Americas Service Provider at Cisco Systems, and resides in Columbia, South Carolina. He has been in the network industry for over 25+ years and has worked within banking, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, and service provider verticals. At Cisco, Robin is recognized as the thought leader for Cisco's Publicly Funded Broadband program to help bridge the digital divide to provide an inclusive future for all. Robin joined Cisco in 2013 as an Account Manager in US Commercial and transitioned in 2016 to Americas Service Provider. In 2019, Robin was promoted to Business Development Manager for sales strategy covering the Mid-Market space for Americas Service Provider and in 2021 transitioned to strategy and innovation in Americas Service Provider, until 2023 where he leads the team for the Broadband Program Office. Prior to joining Cisco, Robin has held various sales and engineering positions but most notably with AT&T, Dell, Brocade and Websense. Robin is a graduate of University of Florida, St. Leo University and has his Master of Business Administration from Charleston Southern University. Robin is a US Army Veteran, customer advocate and IT thought leader as well as proud dad of two boys.


Digital Empowerment on Display at the Cisco Broadband Innovation Center

3 min read

A recent visit by a Nigerian delegation to the Cisco Broadband Innovation Center in Raleigh, N.C. highlights Cisco’s efforts to work with government and private sector investors to help modernize network architectures through validated designs.

How to Invest in Middle Mile Networks to Bridge the Digital Divide

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Six strategies to unlock the possibilities of your fiber infrastructure investments. What you need to know to make the most of the Middle Mile Broadband Infrastructure program to meet the needs of a growing hybrid workforce, deliver more capacity to rural regions, and bridge the digital divide.

Three Reasons to Prepare for Your Next Broadband Infrastructure Investment

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The U.S. Government is providing another $62 billion for broadband internet build-outs. But closing the digital divide will require the right solutions and expertise in addition to public funding.

Give Your Rural Customers Better Streaming Content Experiences

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Good news for service providers in rural communities. You can now expand broadband access to reach unserved and underserved households with content experiences that both delight your customers and improve your bottom line.

Test-Drive the Next Generation of Rural Broadband Technologies: Introducing the Cisco Rural Broadband Innovation Center

4 min read

Service providers have been working with governments for years to try to meet the need for faster, higher-capacity rural broadband. Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Cisco Rural Broadband Innovation Center showcases the amazing things that rural service providers can now do with their networks. Read this blog to see solutions highlighted.

December 16, 2020


You Are an FCC RDOF Bid Winner, Now What?

1 min read

Cisco’s rural broadband solutions offer open access, software defined network transport, automation, and programmability to ensure Service Providers can deliver the quality of service, resiliency and security to your winning RDOF bid.