Raymond Jett

Technical Marketing Engineer

Security Business Group

Raymond Jett has over 27 years in computer networking, encompassing roles of reseller, consultant, customer and vendor. He uses his valuable experience to help customers solve their business needs. As a Technical Marketing Engineer on Email and Web Security Products at Cisco, he helps translate new features and functionality to solving business problems.

He is as comfortable in front of a crowd of 300 as he is one-on-one with a white board and marker.


October 18, 2016


Combating Email Spoofing with Cisco Email Security Forged Email Detection

2 min read

In April we covered the description of Email Spoofing using Microsoft Outlook, but what about detecting and mitigating it on the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)? There are multiple technologies that have attempted to address the issues surrounding spoofed emails on the MTA, but they all have shortcomings that can limit their usefulness. DKIM, or Domain […]