Ravi Bansal

Director, Product Management

Webex App

Ravi has spent 10+ years in the Collaboration industry, spanning a variety of product management, IT, strategy & business development roles. Prior to that he worked as a software engineer & management consultant. As a Director of Product Management in Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group, he leads a team focused on delivery of the Messaging & App Foundation experience for the Webex App. Outside of work, Ravi enjoys cooking, spending time with family, and working on improving his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu grappling game.


March 2, 2021


Real-Time Translations, Improved Search Performance and More in the Webex App March Update

5 min read

Webex lets people all over the world collaborate no matter what language they speak, enhances training experiences for teachers and corporate trainers in Webex Meetings, and provides greater usability across calling, messaging and meeting functions.