Rahul Tripathi

Senior Director of Product Management and Marketing

Cloud & Virtualization Group

Rahul Tripathi is Senior Director of Product Management & Marketing for Cloud Networking and Services at Cisco. He leads Cisco’s virtual networking and software services portfolio for data center and hybrid cloud, which enable customers to leverage best in class networking & security services with seamless physical-virtual-cloud integration. He is also responsible for Cisco Intercloud Fabric, which solves key challenges for businesses and cloud providers to deploy true hybrid clouds with choice, consistency, control and compliance.

Rahul has over 15 years of IT industry experience in application services, virtualization platforms and networking solutions with Cisco, VMware and Lucent.

He has an MBA from INSEAD (France) and Bachelors in EE from BITS-Pilani (India).

When not driving innovative products, Rahul enjoys traveling across the world, coaching aspiring business professionals, and spending time with his wife and two sons.


July 9, 2015


Three Hybrid Cloud Applications That Make it Worth the Fuss…

2 min read

So you thought that cloud was the fad of the day. But it stuck. Now you hear all the fuss about hybrid cloud. Even the die-hard cloud fanatics who believed that the only cloud had to be in the public cloud, have conceded that folks need hybrid cloud – a seamless application environment across on-premise […]

March 19, 2015


Building a Successful Hybrid Cloud That Delivers Flexibility, Choice and Control

2 min read

The debate about whether businesses need hybrid clouds is over. Technology executives see value in public clouds because they offer speed, economics, and scale that are very hard to achieve in a private cloud environment. On the other hand, private clouds offer control, data sovereignty, and security. Businesses need both, which means they need hybrid […]

June 18, 2014


Finally, a hybrid cloud that makes both users and IT happy!

2 min read

Two years back, I disparaged hybrid clouds in my blog: “Why Hybrid Clouds Look Like my Grandma’s Network”. Since then the pain and necessity of many clouds in business environment has become acute. I see a great similarity between Hybrid Clouds and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon that has become well-accepted in today’s organization. […]