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Pier Paolo Glave

Customer Success Manager
GVS & CS Adoption – South EMEAR

Pier recently joined a Customer Success team which is focusing on South EMEAR enterprise customers. The team operates after the sales, and makes sure that customers get value from Cisco solutions, and ensures recurring revenue and expansion for Cisco.

Pier attended the Politecnico di Milano University, where he received a Bachelor+Master in Telecommunications Engineering.

His first 20 years he has been a Software Engineer, and (particularly in the last 10) he was much exposed with customers, in practice doing more customer support & relations, than developing. His business field has been Digital Video, which also involves a lot of Networking and Security. He worked in the R&D department of Italtel, Ericsson, Pirelli, ADB, and joined Cisco in 2013.

He was enjoying more and more working with people and seeing the “big picture” of our work, directly working with customers, and this was his mindset when he discovered the existence of Customer Success Manager roles, and now he’s diving into this new adventure. He’s really excited about the possibility to learn new things and meet and create value for people from other companies.

He loves travelling abroad, especially to the North (Iceland, Finland, Scotland, Ireland,…) with his wife Raffaella and his 15-years old daughter, Silvia, and he’s an artist, a great photographer, you can check here:

He loves taking care of his house garden, growing vegetables, that gives him the opportunity to stay at open air, and during winter he replaces it by assembling Ikea furniture…

He’s interested in Internet Safety for kids so, as volunteering activity, he’s teaching Internet Safety in schools, and this is done in collaboration with of group of volunteers at Cisco Italy, and also with a non-profit organization named Telefono Azzurro.

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