Patrick Lloyd

Security Services Technical Leader

Cisco Security Services

Patrick Lloyd, CCIE No. 39750, is a security services technical leader for Cisco Security Services. In his role, Patrick helps customers navigate the complex world of pervasive identity, focusing on architectures to enable identity to be used as a control for overcoming security challenges. Specifically, Patrick focuses on ISE, TrustSec and integrated architectures to address topics such as IOT sprawl, complex security policies (or lack thereof), and approaching security from the access layer out to identify threats more specifically than just an IP address or MAC address.

Past projects Patrick has worked on include an internet-of-things, smart building which included building management systems – elevators, escalators, HVAC, badge readers, cafeteria point of sale systems – being attached to the network, needing to be segmented and secured with Cisco TrustSec. Additional projects included securing a major hospital network with TrustSec to limit lateral attack movement through specific policies applied to endpoints, and currently include building a secure architecture for financial, retail, and utilities customers. Patrick is the author of “How To Configure Posture with AnyConnect Compliance Module and ISE 2.0” and can be found at Cisco Live in the “Ask the Expert” area, answering ISE and Segmentation questions. Patrick is also a CISSP (#525239). He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Eastern Connecticut State University, and a Master of Science in Networking and Systems Administration from Rochester Institute of Technology. Patrick lives in Cary, NC, and participates as a mentor for the Cisco Security Services college internship program each year, where he mentors up and coming security talent.


March 13, 2019


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