Paolo Campoli

Head of the Service Provider Sector

Vice President, Global Head, Service Provider Sector

Paolo Campoli is Vice President and Global Head of the Service Provider Sector in Cisco’s Go-to-Market Strategy organization. He is responsible for driving the growth of the company’s largest business segment by partnering with Engineering, enabling Sales teams worldwide to anticipate industry transitions, and by creating customer relevance for Cisco’s capabilities amongst communications service providers (CSP) and Webscalers. Paolo has 30+ years’ experience in the global telecom and cloud industry. Prior to his current role, he was Cisco’s Head of Sales, Technical Operations and Channels for Global service providers in South Europe and in the Middle East and Africa. Paolo is committed to transforming how service providers operate, accelerating innovation, unlocking new monetization opportunities, and paving the way for a more digitally inclusive society by engaging with customers, industry organizations, partners and other technology companies. As the former CTO of Cisco’s service provider segment in EMEAR, he drove the adoption of 5G, automation and software-defined networking in the industry. Paolo joined Cisco as a consulting engineer in 1998, specializing in broadband access and mobility. In his spare time, he loves playing guitar and singing with his family, and harnesses his passion for sports such as free ride skiing, cycling and running to raise funds for a range of charitable causes. Paolo graduated a Doctor in Electronics and Telecommunications from the Polytechnic University of Milan. He obtained a post-graduate master’s degree from the Cefriel institute for the first comprehensive mathematical modeling of ATM network traffic. He continues to give lectures at universities around Milan.


September 20, 2022


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