Onur Mustafa Erdogan

Security Research Engineer

Cognitive Intelligence

Onur Mustafa Erdogan is a Security Research Engineer from Cognitive Intelligence group of Cisco. He has professional experience on SOC, Threat Hunting, Incident Response and Digital Forensics. He is currently part of Threat Research and Efficacy Operations Team where he gets to contribute to the threat catalog of Cisco Global Threat Alerts.


August 9, 2022


Raspberry Robin: Highly Evasive Worm Spreads over External Disks

1 min read

During our threat hunting exercises in recent months, we’ve started to observe a distinguishing pattern of msiexec.exe usage across different endpoints.

May 12, 2022


Network Footprints of Gamaredon Group

6 min read

This blog post contains observations of Cognitive Intelligence Team over Gamaredon Group's activities during the month of March 2022