Nikita Ravi Yajurvedi

Product Sales Specialist

Cisco Meraki - Sales

Nikita Ravi Yajurvedi is a Meraki Product Sales Specialist. She joined Cisco as a University graduate in 2018 and is based out of Sydney currently. She has won several awards for her performance and demonstrating core values - Warrior Leadership Award, Organisation Award for Excellence to name a few. Apart from her day job, Nikita is involved with EROs - an active member of ECN and Women of Cisco. She is also a part of the Cisco Women's Soccer team and Badminton. When not in office, you'll find her spending time with psychology books. She loves traveling and dancing. She is involved with NGOs and truly believes in sharing and uplifting others. And yes, a complete food pusher.


August 15, 2023


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May 21, 2020


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