Nick Fielibert

CTO, Video Technology

As chief technical officer for SP video in the EMEAR for Cisco, Nick Fielibert is responsible for developing and directing the technical roadmap and the systems architectures for Cisco’s video solutions to service providers.

Fielibert has worked for Cisco for 29 years, starting as a design engineer in analog system processing and progressing to his current position CTO for SP Video Technology in the EMEAR region. He started his career in R&D in 1985 and moved into market development in 1992. In the following years he has held several management positions in Barco Communication Systems, BarcoNet n.v., where he was serving as senior vice president, COO and CTO. BarcoNet was subsequently acquired by Scientific-Atlanta which became Cisco in 2006.

Fielibert’s current areas of focus include the development of cutting-edge technologies to provide innovative ways of delivering increasing amounts of content, such as new IP-based digital distribution systems.

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