Neha Goyal

Software Engineer

Eng SW Wireless CMX - US

Neha Goyal is Quality Champion and lead at CMX Engineering team. She believes in customer centric software development and is passionate about enhancing usability of Cisco Solutions. She is also involved with the developer program and leads CMX APIs. Neha has diverse software experience ranging from Java development to Project Management to Services and Solutions delivery management.

Neha has an undergrad degree in Computer engineering. She is a PMP and also holds many technical certificates. Currently, she is pursuing her MBA from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.


June 12, 2014


CMX Takes the Stage at DevNet Hackathon at #CLUS 2014

1 min read

Earlier this week you learned about the network at Cisco Live! If you attended the event this year, you'll also have noticed that there was a brand new extension...