Nancy Cam-Winget

Distinguished Engineer

Office of the CTO – Security Business Group

Nancy is a Cisco Distinguished Engineer in the Cisco Security Business Group Chief Strategy Office. In her current role, she is heavily involved with product and technology strategy, research and standards. Nancy was a key contributor and editor for securing IEEE 802.11 and creator of EAP-FAST (and IETF’s TEAP, RFC 7170). She was also the creator and initial architect for pxGrid and the main editor for pxGrid’s standard framework: XMPP-Grid, e.g. IETF RFC 8600. Nancy has over 20 years of experience in the network security industry. She is involved in several standards forums such as IEEE, ODVA and IEC. In the IETF, she is a member of the Security and IoT directorates and chairs several security focused working groups.


March 16, 2021


Future Focused: Encryption and Visibility Can Co-Exist

Privacy and security are in constant tension. Hiding internet activity strengthens privacy—but also makes it easier for bad actors to infiltrate the network.