Mitali Parthasarathy

Software Engineer

Mitali is a software engineer in the Datacenter Technology group where she works on services on the Nexus platform. She interned at Cisco in 2009 and returned for a full-time position in 2010. She is a member of the RISE (Citrix and NAM) development team.


January 23, 2015


Intelligent Traffic Director @ Cisco Live Milan

Cisco® Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD) is an intelligent and scalable, clustering and load-balancing engine that addresses the performance gap between multi-terabit switches and gigabit servers and appliances. The ITD architecture integrates Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching with Layer 4 to Layer 7 applications for scale and capacity expansion to serve high-bandwidth applications. ITD provides adaptive load balancing […]

October 1, 2014


Automated PBR and Route Health Injection with RISE

RISE is an innovative architecture that logically integrates an external service appliance such as Citrix NetScaler or the Cisco Prime NAM so that it appears & operates as a service module within the Nexus 7000 Series switches. RISE integration with the Citrix NetScaler provides features like Route Health Injection (RHI) and Automated PBR (APBR) which […]

October 26, 2014


How does RISE benefit Cisco Prime NAM?

As you may have seen in Gary Kinghorn’s blog, Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module (NAM) has been integrated with Cisco Nexus® 7000 Series Switches using Cisco® Remote Integrated Services Engine (RISE) technology providing a powerful story for data center integration. RISE with Prime NAM provides high performance monitoring and packet analysis on multiple virtual device contexts […]