Mike Grigsby

Engagement Leader, Smart City & IOT Solutions

Public Sector/S&CC and IoT

Mike is an influential collaborator, strategic thinker, and solutions innovator with over 20 years of management and executive experience in public and private sector organizations. This includes time as the CIO of the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority and Director of Information Services for the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department.

At Cisco, Mike champions Civic Technology and Smart City Solutions, including Public Safety Technology, Digital Inclusion, and Transportation Innovation. This includes helping communities better understand and implement innovative technologies that improve the quality of life for their citizens.


May 29, 2019


The big data pipeline for the new oil: Cisco Smart & Connected Communities

5 min read

Smart cities need a high grade fuel to run on - data that is refined for peak performance. Find out the two pillars for smart city success with big data.