Michael Murphy

No Longer with Cisco

Michael is a Solutions Marketing Manager on the Collaboration Infrastructure team, and has responsibility for marketing Cisco’s Unified Messaging as well as its Unified Management solutions.

Michael has spent 15 of his 20 year professional IT career living in Europe, currently residing in Amsterdam. His roles have primarily focused on bringing technical IT solutions to market globally; articulating and clarifying the business value and positioning of complex solutions; and creating strong and clear field enablement messaging and material.


August 5, 2015


Key Considerations for Investing in Collaboration

Are you about to make a collaboration investment? Planning to purchase a set of collaboration tools to facilitate communication between your employees? Evaluating tools that make it easier for a distributed team to meet, to stay in synch, and be more productive? That’s great news. But what to buy?  A lot of companies sell collaboration […]

May 27, 2015


Innovative Benefits of Cisco’s Collaboration Core Infrastructure Approach

Many of the products that make up the Cisco collaboration core infrastructure are “best-in-class” solutions that deliver significant benefits in their own right. Used together, their benefits become amplified. Together, they create a comprehensive and powerful end-to-end collaboration solution. Designed to work together, the components complement and extend the value of the other components, creating […]

May 13, 2015


Key Components of the Cisco Collaboration Core Infrastructure

So, you’ve decided to introduce a collaboration solution to your organization. You’ve thought about the benefits you want it deliver: flexibility, expandability, and interoperability. And you want the user experience to be easy enough for everyone to use — not just the engineers or executives. Great. You are on the right path. But what next? […]

April 29, 2015


The Importance of Taking an Integrated Architectural Approach to Your Collaboration Deployment

Collaboration is all about enabling diverse and distributed team members, both inside and outside your organization to effectively communicate, share information, and work toward a common goal. The benefits of collaboration show up as: Productivity gains Better and faster decision making Improved communication and teamwork The ability for remote and virtual team members to take […]

December 10, 2014


Simplifying Management of Consolidated Networks

It started with voice: Get more from your corporate infrastructure investments by moving audio traffic onto the data network. It was a good idea that made good financial sense. It caught on. It became pervasive. As it did, we looked for more ways to leverage that same network investment – extending it to include instant […]