Melissa Zelyez

Marketing Manager

Virtual Managed Services

Melissa Zelyez is the marketing manager for Cisco’s strategic Virtual Managed Services cloud offering. She joined Cisco recently and has more than 15 years of IT marketing experience, most recently from IBM where she supported cloud managed services for SAP and Oracle. Previous to that, she spent more than 14 years at HPE/EDS in various global and regional product marketing roles and has worked at a number of other large companies including Nortel Networks as well as a telecom start-up. Melissa resides in Hartland, Michigan, where she lives with her husband and two young sons.


Verizon Simplifies SD-WAN with Cisco Virtual Managed Services

2 min read

Cisco recently announced that Verizon is now using Cisco’s Virtual Managed Services (VMS) as the foundation for the delivery of its SD-WAN service.

September 22, 2016


Playing to your strengths: The key to service provider success

2 min read

Today’s marketplace is a challenging one but service providers offering the right help to their enterprise customers are more relevant than ever. Develop your strengths to ensure ongoing prosperity. A concert pianist spends very little time in the gym bulking up her biceps. And with good reason. What she’s great at is playing the piano […]

September 13, 2016


The Jetsons and the future of networking… Per new Cisco study, businesses demand more conveniences

3 min read

“Meet George Jetson.” Those words prompt me to start singing the catchy theme song of The Jetson’s. This iconic American cartoon showed a utopian vision of the future. It was housing in the sky, 3 day work weeks, and amazing conveniences. My favorite was when Rosey the robot maid pushed a button and out popped […]

Billions can be made in the cloud, but do you know how? Telstra talks innovation and leads the way

2 min read

Don’t stop believin’ That’s the lyrics of my husband’s favorite song. And it is on a sign hanging on our bedroom wall. Whether you love or hate Journey, it’s corny, but true. This is a great message for us … with all the upheaval in the SP industry, we need to keep believing. Whether you […]