Mike Colao

Director Engineering Sales

Global Enterprise

Mike Colao has demonstrated 22+ years of successful strategic wins driving high-impact sales and curating skills in the technology industry. He is dedicated to the enablement, culture, inclusion, and collaboration of high-performing engineering teams. At the intersection of new opportunities and long-term growth initiatives, Mike's agile leadership style continues to thrive with a proven track record of bottom-line growth. Mike's passion for developing solutions to complex problems is evident in the positive impact and competitive edge he continues to deliver to partners, customers, and employees.


March 29, 2023


3 Steps to Better IT Planning and Ensuring Technology Remains a Priority

3 min read

Tech leaders need to be united on infrastructure requirements, but the business case must be clear to get the attention of CFOs. Cisco’s Portfolio Explorer helps connect your technology budgets and develop a unified approach to meeting your business needs.

October 11, 2022


Half a Life Well Lived at Cisco: 22 Years and Counting

3 min read

Director of Engineering Sales Mike C. has been with Cisco since 2000 and shares what makes this the right place for him.

August 17, 2022


Chipping Away at Game-Changing Operational Efficiency

4 min read

Discover the golf-inspired mindset that leads teams to victory.