Marc Buraczynski

Solutions Architect, Cloud & Network Services

AS Data Center Team

Marc Buraczynski is a Solutions Architect in Cisco’s Datacenter Cloud & Network Services Practice. C&NS is responsible for providing architectural guidance, best practices, and recommendations on how customers can leverage Cisco architectural solutions to bring maximum value to their stakeholders. Cisco’s data center solutions can be leveraged as the strategic foundation for virtualization, unified I/O, and data center consolidation, and provide a converged infrastructure that enables business applications to run more effectively, efficiently, and with optimal return on investment.

Marc has 30+ years of technology design, implementation and delivery experience and currently serves as one of the lead architects for the Data Center team within C&NS. Prior to joining the Advanced Services team, Marc spent the prior 14 years working with Fortune 100 companies in the financial, telecommunications, consulting and software product sectors. Marc has worked extensively with domestic and international customers in product lifecycle, and large scale system design to meet business requirements.

Large scale design and deployments are primarily his specialty along with performance tuning on all architecture layers for sites that are required to accommodate high volume throughput. Experience includes six plus (6+) years in the telecommunications technology area, five plus (5+) banking/financial, ten plus (10+) years with the US government/military, and four plus (4+) years with Major League Baseball/professional sports sector. His extensive background as an enterprise architect and developer have proven valuable in well balanced architecture, high performance computing infrastructure, network and data center designs. Marc has been instrumental in the development of the practice, as well as Service offerings, production engagements, pre-production projects and primary contributor to the practice.

Prior to 1996, Marc has ten (10) years of military experience as a software developer and application specialist with the United States Marine Corps.

He obtained his undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Excelsior College, Albany, NY in 1996 and a Master of Science in Computer Science in 1999 from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

Marc’s other skills include multiple languages where he is fluent in English, French, Polish, and Italian, while possessing a working knowledge of Russian, Greek and Hebrew.


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