Marcy Pawlak

Head of CX Cloud Transformation

Customer & Partner Experience Engineering

Marcy Pawlak is the Head of CX Cloud Transformation for the Customer & Partner Experience Engineering (CPXE) organization. Her team is on a mission to cultivate the culture & conditions for enterprise agility across ONEx. Marcy’s team ignites agility, fosters alignment and harmonizes how CPXE delivers value to customers. Her multi-disciplinary team creates value through precision in delivery, while amplifying our capabilities as an agile organization. Marcy’s breadth of experience in education, digital experience & technology taught her first-hand what leads transformations to succeed or fail. Her unique approach of inspiring and mobilizing the organization to own the change, has been a key driver of CPXE’s transformation success. In two years, the organization has adopted agile mindsets & practices, enabling them to move from yearly+ to weekly releases. Marcy is a dedicated mentor & sponsor both in- and outside of Cisco. She gives back to organizations like Bright Pink & Imerman Angels, supporting people at risk for, or impacted by cancer.


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