Leonardo Nve

Senior Penetration Tester

Portcullis, a Part of Cisco Advisory Services

Leonardo Nve, Senior Penetration Tester with Portcullis, now part of Cisco, audits security reports to proactively identify issues before attackers can exploit them. Nve has experience working on a variety of projects including external and internal infrastructure, web and mobile security application assessments.

Passionate about researching offensive security, Nve researches intercepted satellite communications and exploited MITM attacks. Nve’s work is published in some of the most important security congresses around the world including; BlackHat in the United Sates and Singapore, EkoParty in Argentina, and Confidence in Poland.

Certified as an incident response instructor, Nve handles certifications for Carnegie Mellon University and is a cybersecurity trainer for a variety of law agencies.

Nve lives in Murcia with his wife, two kids, two cats and a dog.


August 3, 2016


MITM Training at Black Hat USA 2016

2 min read

To prevent a security breach and loss of critical business data, security teams must be diligent in defining, identifying, and classifying security gaps in their organization’s network. Many security teams conduct pentesting as a way to assess and mitigate any potential gaps.  As a consulting engineer for Cisco Security Services, I’ve observed a deeper understanding […]