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Latisha Scarborough

Network Consulting Engineer
Global Delivery Center (GDC)

Latisha Scarborough, most notably known as Tish or "Tisha Fe", is a Network Consulting Engineer (NCE) for the Global Delivery Center (GDC) in Advanced Services. Although she thoroughly enjoys the constant challenges of wearing multiple hats in her NCE role and being an active participant in Connected Black Professionals, her true passion is bridging the gap in the digital divide and raising awareness about diversity. In her spare time, Tish likes to teach and coordinate lesson plans for her coding academy, take spontaneous traveling trips, and talk to women and young girls on being "The Modern Woman". If you ever see Tish strolling around the RTP site, don't be shy, make sure you stop and say "Hey!"--oh and give her a hug (she's a hugger)!

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