Kamden Schewitz

Product Marketing Specialist

Customer Solutions Marketing: SD-WAN & Routing Marketing Team

Kamden is a Product Marketing Specialist at Cisco with a focus specializing in the messaging and alignment of SD-WAN products across multiple segments and industries. Kamden acts as a bridge between the Product + Engineering Teams and Cisco’s network of sellers. His passion for storytelling is fueled by the fast-paced environment of Cisco’s continuously improving product line and his beliefs in a sustainable future for companies across the globe. Outside of Cisco, Kamden’s work extends into the non-profit world where he volunteers for the North Carolina based ‘Apparo’ which provides low-cost IT consulting and networking solutions to other non-profits in the Charlotte area. Kamden holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing Analytics from UNC Charlotte and is proud to call North Carolina and the Research Triangle Park his home for over 20 years.


November 15, 2022


Secure the Industrial Edge with Cisco SD-WAN

The Internet of Things has connected the world more than ever - but along with it comes obstacles that Cisco SD-WAN can help you hurdle.